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Power & Precision

Introducing Our Dirt Bikes

Our KTM dirt bikes boast a potent single-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled engine with a substantial 450cc displacement. This translates to adrenaline-pumping power to conquer steep dunes and navigate challenging terrain. The 5-speed transmission, with its wide gear ratio, ensures smooth power delivery and lets you find the perfect gear for every situation. Built on a lightweight chromoly steel frame, these bikes offer incredible responsiveness, allowing you to effortlessly carve your own path through the sand.

Whether you’re blasting through open stretches or maneuvering around obstacles, Brembo brakes provide precise stopping power and ultimate control. To further enhance your ride, the traction control system continuously optimizes grip on unpredictable desert surfaces, maximizing your confidence and safety as you explore.

Dirt biking Dubai
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Dirt bike rentals Dubai

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Dirt Bike Rental Packages


1 Hour


Must have prior experience


2 Hour


Must have prior experience


3 Hour


Must have prior experience


4 Hour


Must have prior experience


Full Day


Must have prior experience


3 Days


Must have prior experience


2 Hour


First time riders in desert

Learning Course

2 Hour


No experience required

About us

Premium Dirt Bike Rental Dubai

Dirt Bike Dubai offers an exhilarating experience for adventure lovers. Our top-of-the-line dirt bike rentals in Dubai are perfect for riders of all levels. Whether you’re experienced or a beginner, our team will guide you on a safe and unforgettable desert adventure. We provide comprehensive safety gear and personalized instruction, ensuring a memorable adventure tailored to your skills.

Experience the power of the legendary KTM 450! At Dirt Bike Dubai, we pride ourselves on a seamless rental process, so you can focus on the thrill of the ride. Whether you want a solo challenge or a fun group excursion, we’ll help you create an amazing desert adventure. Let the adrenaline rush as you carve your own path through a world of sand and sun!

dirt bike dubai

Benefits of Choosing

Dirt Bike Dubai

Quality Fleet

Perfect collection of top-quality bikes.

Cutomized Tours

Tailored tours that match your skill level.

Safety First

Ensuring Every Ride with us is Secure.

Expert Guidance

Experience unmatched expertise.

Stunning Scenery

Explore Dubai's unique desert landscapes.

Positive Reviews

Trusted by many satisfied adventurers.

Saftey Tips For

Dirt Biking in Dubai

Start an amazing adventure with our dirt bike tours in Dubai. Our skilled guides will show you the amazing desert while you ride on our safe, well-kept bikes. Experience the power and agility of our bikes as you conquer the dunes with confidence.

Enjoy the sand dunes worry-free. Staying safe is important for a great desert bike ride. It can be tricky riding on sand dunes and hard to see, but no need to worry! We’ve got helpful safety advice and features to keep you safe.

We Will Equip You With


Safety Gear

Your safety comes first, so we provide all the necessary safety gear for free to keep you safe while riding.



Speeding is a big cause of accidents. Make sure to drive at a speed that lets you stay in control and react quickly.



Maitain a safe distance between youself and other riders in the desert to avoid collisions and accidents.



Stick to the the designated route and avoid going into off-limits areas. Look for signs showing the right way.


Riding Posture

Leaning back a bit and keeping your weight even will make it simpler to move across the desert dunes.



Take light meal  before the dirt bike ride, as the bumpy journey might cause nausea during or after the ride.


Before the tour, you need to show a valid passport or Emirates ID.  Riders must be at least 18 years old and have prior riding experience. Our learning course is open to beginners there is no experiennce required for the training course.

A motorcycle license is not required for off-road dirt biking. However, we recommend some basic riding experience.

A guided tour ensures that professional tour guides, using the same mode of transport as you, lead all our tours. The tour guide’s role is to guide you and show you the path throughout the journey.

We provide all necessary safety gear, including helmets, gloves, and protective clothing. Safety is our top priority.

Yes, we provide training course and have experience teaching many individuals to ride motorcycles. Please reach out to us directly, and we’ll go over our training options with you.

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